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Stomach ache in children, when to worry

Although stomach pain in children often occurs and is generally mild, abdominal pain in children can also be a sign that your child is experiencing more serious health problems. In order not to worry too much, it helps you recognize the symptoms of abdominal pain in children who are fairly normal and serious so they can quickly handle it. Generally abdominal pain in vulnerable children occurs at the age of 11 years and under. For children who have spoken, they can tell you when you have a stomachache or point to their stomach. However, if you experience abdominal pain in children who can not speak, you need to be more observant to pay attention to the signs. Various Causes of Stomach Pain The following are some of the causes of abdominal pain in children based on their severity. Mild Stomach Pain This condition occurs when your child has an upset stomach which is generally not accompanied by other symptoms. Usually this type of stomachache will disappear in less than three hou
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First Aid for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident often happens on the highway. Many fatalities should be prevented if emergency assistance is provided at the scene as soon as possible. By knowing how to first aid, you can help the victim on the spot. As a layman, you might not know how to give help to accident victims. But you can learn it. So, any time you see an accident or someone close to you, you are ready to provide help. The first thing to do is always prepare a first aid kit in the trunk or in the seat of your vehicle. Make sure that there are bandages, tape, disposable gloves, alcohol-free cleaning wipes, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic creams, pain relievers, cough medicines, antihistamine tablets, wound-washing liquids and clean plastic bags. After that, you have to understand what happened to someone who had an accident. Especially in this case the victim of a motorcycle accident, it is possible to experience a number of things, such as bleeding, burns, broken bones, shock, sprains, or fainting. Th

Mother, Like This Feels like Contractions Nearing Labor

Pain during childbirth is one of the fears that are often thought by pregnant women. Especially if this is the first delivery, it is only natural that Mother does not have a picture of what the contractions are like before labor. To answer this, let's refer to the complete information in this review. The pain that appears during contractions before childbirth is normal, certainly different from pain in general. The pain experienced is not necessarily the same for every woman. It depends on the physical and mental readiness before delivery, as well as various other factors, such as the support and motivation obtained during labor. Overview of Pain During Contractions While waiting for labor to arrive, the picture felt during a contraction may not be easily explained through words, because everyone has a different experience when experiencing it. Even so, there are some instructions that can be used to describe the contraction before delivery, namely: Contractions before deliv

Fruit Benefits for Health You Need to Know

The benefits of fruit for bodily health are very diverse. In addition to maintaining health, the nutritional content of the fruit is also beneficial to protect the body from disease and can even help the healing process of the disease. Generally, all fruits contain nutrients that the body needs. The nutrients contained in it make the fruit's health benefits unquestionable. Its nutritional content keeps the body healthy, also protects the body from damage caused by chemicals that enter and cause interference. The nutritional content of the fruit include: Vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, and Water and Antioxidants and phytonutrients, which also provide its own health benefits. The Importance of Eating Fruits Every Day Fruits are known to have low fat and sugar content, fruit is also the best source of fiber which is beneficial for digestive health. Eating fruits every day is a good diet,

Causes of Infertility for Men

About 30 percent of infertility cases that occur are caused by male infertility. Infertility or infertility problems tend to be referred to as women's problems. The reality is not the case. Both men and women can each have problems in the reproductive organs that can affect their fertility. There are two possible causes of infertility, male infertility which is the main problem for her partner to get pregnant and the second possibility is that infertility occurs simultaneously with the obstacle of pregnancy from the side of women who also have fertility problems. Fertility checks for men are as important as women. Although most men feel reluctant to get checked out, maybe because of shame, but in fact it is important to do it as soon as possible to ascertain the location of the problem. For this examination, men who feel they have problems with fertility can consult with a specialist in urology and andrology. The doctor will identify problems as well as actions that can help t